Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zatrek?

    Zatrek is a platform for mobile personalization content based on sharing economy system with artists who create their own original content and looking for new monetization channel to maximize their earnings, our main goal is to create a win-win platform for fans and artists where fans will able to get easily exclusive content for free and artists will able to gain profits through ads monetizations and extra recognition for their work.

    We're doing everything to assure you it's worth it.
  • How can I start earning?

    In order to join our monetization program for artists, you will have to contact us to provide samples of your work to ensure the quality of your content followed by the verification process of your identity. once the signup process is finished, you will be able to start earning when fans download your content.
  • What about copyrights?

    We love creative sounds and artwork and our commitment is with you. You will always be the owner of your content with no restrictions on your freedom in distribution.
  • How can i check my financial reports and payment settings?

    In the near future we will develop WEB version of the application where artists will able to upload directly and view their financial reports and handle payment settings such as PayPal, but for now once an artist able to pass the minimum threshold we will contact him immediately to handle his payment.
  • Why could be my content get rejected?

    Your content could be rejected if we found any copyright infringement or if it displays sexual organs related to Real-life, simulated, or fantasy subjects portrayed.
  • How much money will i earn?

    Traditional platforms take over than half of your earnings. Our platform will only take 50% of your earnings to cover operation costs.